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The Event Organizer’s Guide to Lead Retrieval explains why this

technology is integral to events and the benefits to exhibitors, event organizers, and attendees.Guide to LR 02 Portrait

From not doing preshow marketing to simply not having good booth staff - you'll learn the top 7 reasons why exhibitors don't make sales at trade shows. This report will also teach you the best trade show exhibitor practices.

This report will:

  • Review the way attendees are shopping at tradeshows.
  • Recap the latest trends in mobile adoption at tradeshows, and look at some examples of how smart marketers are catering to attendees with tradeshow mobile solutions.
  • Give some practical advice on how to successfully adopt and deploy new strategies at your booth.
  • Cover time tested industry intelligence so exhibitors can improve their effectiveness and ROI.

This is a valuable resource for association executives and exhibitors.

- See more at: http://web.bartizan.com/download-free-report-7-deadly-sins-of-tradeshow-exhibiting-and-how-to-avoid-them#sthash.ov2u7eMW.dpufThis guide provides a basic understanding of digital lead retrieval along with a high-level description on how it operates.


You will learn:


  • How lead retrieval helps exhibitors capture, store and manage leads for quick and efficient follow up.
  • How event organizers can demonstrate ROI to sponsors and exhibitors.
  • How attendees can receive information on booths visited to share with colleagues or follow-up directly with exhibitors.

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