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Event Organizer Testimonials


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iLeads at THE NBM SHOW“Bartizan meets our lead retrieval needs perfectly. We have been working with them since 2013 and have completed eight shows with three more to go this year. These events, combined, represent approximately 2,200 exhibitors and 55,000 attendees.

Offering lead retrieval to our exhibitors creates no additional work for us. Bartizan takes care of everything. The lead management system is very sophisticated; the exhibitor portal gives exhibitors great reports and effective analytics about their leads.

It’s all about ease-of-use and having options for our exhibitors. They like having lead retrieval choices based on their budget and needs. Some exhibitors love using their own mobile devices, so the iLeads app is perfect, but some prefer to rent a traditional lead retrieval unit. Bartizan can provide both.

Bartizan’s customer service is excellent, both onsite and at their headquarters. One thing we have noted is that their onsite techs are trained to always be on the move. They do not ever sit around. They are always checking up on the exhibitors and offering support. That’s something I find very valuable.”

Sue Hueg, CEM, CMP
Vice President, NBM Events


Exhibitor Testimonials

“We always use the lead retrieval offered at events. My colleague that arranges our booth ordered it and sent me the email Jerry Brecherthat explained how to set it up. I am a very non-technical person. I use a pocket planner book for the past 30 years to organize my days. I don’t use apps. So I was skeptical and concerned it would be hard to use.

What astonished me was how simple it was. Very user-friendly. Everything about from setup, lead collection to downloading the leads was very easy. Downloading the leads especially was much easier than we are used to. I loved not having to go to the service desk to pick up equipment then wait on line to return it.

We met with and collected info from at least 1/3 of the attendees. The data was simple and straightforward. It was the best lead retrieval method I’ve ever used. I wish it could be at all my shows because I would prefer using iLeads over any other system.”

Jerry Brecher, President/CEO at EndoEvolution

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