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LeadsLightning Web-Based Lead Management

Free real-time reporting for you and your exhibitors will enable you to measure the success of your event. LeadsLightning provides event organizers with the hard data to prove ROI and enhance their presentations to prospective exhibitors.

  • Analytics for Your Event uncover what really matters to attendees and deliver more ROI.
  • Event Reporting it’s easy to export the highlights and data from your event.
  • Monitor Attendance at Sessions get real time analysis of session participation. Bartizan technology enables organizers to view not just how many people are attending a seminar, but to see precisely who they are – as it happens.
  • Additional Connection Opportunities. Enable your exhibitor’s to make real sales with expanded profiles, show offers and attendee initiated follow-up.
Download LeadsLightning Brochure
LeadsLightning Brochure

Additional opportunities for exhibitors to connect

  • LeadsLightning Analytics: After your event, exhibitors can access reporting about the attendee interactions. Free, live leads reporting.
  • LeadsLightning Exhibitor Dashboard. Exhibitors can create an expanded profile on LeadsLightning. In addition to their basic contact details, exhibitors can add links to product pages, demo registration pages and social media profiles.
  • Attendee Notification – e-mail with the list of exhibitors visited.
  • My Tradeshow Connections: your exhibitor’s online community. Provide exceptional value to your event participants. To support your event and enhance your exhibitors’ sales process, Bartizan created this virtual marketplace.

Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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