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iLeads - Lead Retrieval


iLeads helps your exhibitors digitally collect contact information at your event and generate leads.


  • Exhibitors can capture leads anytime, anywhere using their own phone or tablet as a lead retrieval device
  • Customize action items, add text or voice notes, qualify leads, and answer survey questions
  • Real-time reporting enables you and your exhibitors to monitor booth activity and measure ROI
  • All exhibitor leads sync to LeadsLightning, their personalized online dashboard
  • Free tech support is available before, during and after your event
  • iLeads works with all registration systems and scans all common barcode types including QR codes and PDF-417. You can also print scannable barcodes using Word or your exhibitors can simply enter badge ID numbers.
Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about iLeads:
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Fill out this form to get a free demo code to explore iLeads lead retrieval at your own pace. You’ll get full access and will join the thousands of exhibitors who love iLeads.

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Our lead retrieval integrates with the Aventri and Eventbrite registration module to receive relevant attendee information in real time. All registrant lists are continuously updated, eliminating the time required for manual upload of registration files. Exhibitors can see on-site registration data appear on the screen when a badge is scanned. Click here to learn more.


iLeads Lead Retrieval Android iOS Smartphones

The iLeads lead retrieval app is synonymous with customer satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, and industry leadership. It’s totally intuitive design and function means no one needs to instruct exhibitors how to capture and qualify their leads. The iLeads app is just the starting point for a powerful, integrated lead generation and follow-up system. iLeads links exhibitors to secure web-based show reporting software to identify the best leads in minutes.


Blue Tooth Mobile Printers

Bartizan now offers Bluetooth mobile printers with our iLeads lead retrieval app for Android devices. These wireless printers are small, fast, lightweight and easy to use. Just scan the barcode on the back of the printer to pair with  your device.

Exhibitors can:Bluetooth-printer-3-website

  • Automatically print leads once they are scanned
  • Configure the print out to print all the available follow-up and survey questions or selected answers
  • Print on demand the current lead, all leads or range of leads
  • Print manager allows you to resume any print job that was suspended when you are out of printer range



Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors


iLeads is a native lead retrieval app for both smartphones and tablets. It’s not browser-based with a reliance on HTML and a live internet connection. If you don’t have a live data connection, iLeads still comes through for you.

Capture Leads Anywhere

Easy Lead Qualification

Find Your Best Leads

Secure, Cloud Backup

Web Analytics

  • Capture attendee information, add text or voice notes, qualify your lead or answer survey quesitons
  • Real-time lead analysis and reporting on booth activity
  • Ability to use multiple devices from one account log in
  • All your lead information is backed up and synced on a secure website

Exhibitors say the cloud-based iLeads is “easier” and “less expensive” compared to other lead retrieval products they’ve used. They like how you “can download the leads right away” and “gather leads anywhere.” They appreciate how iLeads “gives better data about leads” and how “you can access those leads right away online.”

 One exhibitor said to us via email, “I loved the product. I’ve been working shows for 25 years. It was the best.”

Attendee Services Seperator


The iLeads feature called My Tradeshow Connections is a service that provides event attendees with a roster of exhibitors they visited during an event. This interactive list includes contact information, personalized sales messages, special show offers and more. Attendees can download this information to share with their colleagues and contact exhibitors directly after the event.

Data Compliance Legal Consultation Seperator


Between the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other state laws designed to protect the personal information of attendees, it’s become more important than ever to have a robust data privacy and protection policy for your organization. Let Bartizan Connects help you review your data protection and privacy laws and design a privacy policy that will be compliant with these new laws.


Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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