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Corporate Events Data Collection Solutions


If you are planning an in-house trade show, one at which you invite value-added resellers to participate, digital data collection can play an important role. This is also true of conferences, seminars, sales meetings and training sessions – any type of corporate activity involving a large number of people where your return on investment is important.

The most common example of data collection at an in-house event is sales lead retrieval at corporate trade shows. Participating resellers gauge their success by the number and quality of the leads that they get. The data collected also gives corporate sponsors insight into attendees’ interests. For sponsors, digital data collection provides information unattainable through business card exchange.

When a company invests in meetings attended by employees and business partners, the expectation is that the money involved is well spent. The stakes are too high to rely on guesswork; empirical evidence is required. Bartizan can help you compile that evidence – and it is much easier than you might think.

Example: You have a sales meeting with 250 attendees from different departments and different regions. Over the course of two days 22 sessions are offered. You want to know who attends each session, what time each person arrives, which sessions and which instructors draw the largest audiences, what the composition of each audience is by job title, as well as by department and by region and you want everything in the form of easy-to-read reports.

Solution: Using an iPad or iPad mini on a stand and front-facing camera, attendees can self-scan themselves into a session.The information encoded on each attendee’s badge is automatically forwarded to a web portal. Authorized persons with a user name and password can quickly and easily generate relevant reports.


Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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