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Consumer Show Data Collection Solutions


Why do consumer show organizers, exhibitors and attendees express delight with digital data collection and lead retrieval?

For organizers, digital data collection offers an unparalleled opportunity to build a database for use in building an audience for future shows. That same database is a superb tool for selling an event to prospective exhibitors. An added benefit is that the digital data collection system makes it easy to conduct surveys.

For years trade show exhibitors have benefited from digital data collection and lead retrieval. Now consumer show exhibitors can enjoy the same benefits. A consumer show targets prospective buyers like no other media. Think about it. A consumer show attendee must set aside time to be present, drive to the event, park his car and purchase a ticket.

Compared to the casual television viewer, magazine reader, newspaper flipper or billboard observer, a consumer show attendee has made a significant commitment. He is a prime prospect. That is why an exhibitor should always capture the information needed to follow up when an attendee visits. Digital lead retrieval apps makes it easy to do.

None of this matters if consumer show attendees do not want to participate in the process, as is their right. But our experience is that they do want to participate. For digital collection and lead retrieval to be effective, a large percentage of show attendees must register. That is required of trade show attendees, but consumer show attendees merely have to purchase a ticket – no registration required. Why then do a large percentage of attendees willingly register? It relieves them of the tedious job of filling out cards or forms at individual exhibits the exhibitor simply scans their badge. Registration generally carries the added benefit of qualifying for prizes and gifts.

With consumer show electronic data collection and lead retrieval, everyone is a winner, the show organizer, the exhibitors and the attendees.


Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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