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How Much Does Lead Retrieval and Session Tracking Cost?


iLeads Mobile Lead Retrieval App


Prior to the event the exhibitor pays a license fee to receive a unique access code, which allows them to gain access to their leads online. A few days before the event the exhibitors are emailed their access code. To start, exhibitors just enter the access code, check the event details and tap confirm. They can start collecting and qualifying leads. Bartizan can provide lead retrieval for your show with very little effort from you.

All event organizers need to do is print a number and/or a barcode on attendees’ badges and email the attendee data to us in an Excel file.

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Costs for Event Organizers


Ziltch, zip, nada. Are you a show organizer that has exhibitors at your events? In that case, it costs show organizers nothing to implement iLeads at their shows. All iLeads lead retrieval costs are fully funded by exhibitors.

There are no hidden costs or fees. Not only is it free – it can also generate revenue for your show. Request a proposal and we will tell you how.

Bartizan handles the marketing, customer service, support and the payment processing.

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Session Attendance Tracking App

We offer iSessions™ Bartizan’s session attendance tracking app at an affordable self-service 1D session tracking package.  Track session attendance using a smartphone, tablet or iPod touch for less than traditional rental hardware.

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Using iSessions™ is a snap, for both you and your staff. Gather data and collect names of attendees to confirm their attendance at the session. Evaluate the popularity of topics based on attendance.


iLeads Costs for Exhibitors

If you are an exhibitor, iLeads works at all events if we are selected as the official lead retrieval vendor. There is a per license cost for each event with steep discounts for additional licenses.

iLeads saves money for exhibitors, typically costing about 30% – 50% less than most lead retrieval solutions.

Bartizan can provide rental equipment (iPads or iPods) for those exhibitors that do not wish to use their own mobile devices.


Registration Contractor/Reseller Pricing


Our iLeads resellers get a huge price break and can set their own prices. If you would like to become an iLeads reseller, let us know. Complete the form here for instant access to our iLeads reseller pricing and further information about our included services.

  • Enjoy discounted reseller rates
  • Set your own prices

Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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