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Online Exhibit Hall 


Online Exhibit Hall is a digital platform for virtual events where exhibitors and attendees can connect and engage.


With Bartizan's Online Exhibit Hall, exhibitors and sponsors create a "digital booth" that features the same products and services displayed in traditional exhibit booths. Registered participants receive an invite to “stroll through the virtual exhibit hall” where they can view company and product videos, interact with vendors via real-time chat sessions, connect through social media platforms, answer survey questions, and receive “show specials” just like they would in a typical trade show environment.

The Online Exhibit Hall can be implemented prior to events to let exhibitors and attendees connect and engage with one another. Event organizers can tap into the segment of event participants who can't or are not ready to travel by using the Online Exhibit Hall as a virtual extension of their live event.

Digital Booths

Below is an example of a digital booth, click to see an example of an Online Exhibit Hall. When you click "More Details", the profile expands for additional information. Click the red "Special Offer" banner to see a show offer.

OEH Expanded Profile

Exhibitor Expanded Profile

Video on Demand

Each digital booth can feature company and product videos to generate brand awareness and drive sales.

Booth visitors can enter a video gallery where they view engaging content such as brand videos, explainer videos, interviews, testimonials, commercial ads, presentations and more!

Live Chat

Attendees can click on any exhibitor chat button to start a real-time live chat session with exhibitors.

Product Listings

Exhibitors can display detailed descriptions and information for numerous products and services for attendees to review. Each listing features a video gallery and document library.

Document Library

The document library features links to brochures, web pages, whitepapers, ebooks, guides and other valuable sales collateral. Visitors can add these resources to a virtual "totebag" to access at any time.

Special Show Offers

Exhibitors can extend the interaction with attendees and enhance the prospect of a sale with special offers. Within their profile they can create ads for promotional sales events. 

  • When exhibitors create a promotional offer, their profile will be flagged with a banner letting attendees know they have a special offer and prompting them to view their entire profile.
  • Exhibitors can upload a picture, include a detailed description of the promotion, indicate a coupon code, and outline terms and conditions.
  • A promotional offer will enhance your connection with the attendee since you are not face-to-face.
MTC Bartizan offer

Custom Qualifiers

Exhibitors can set up custom qualifiers in their profile and can categorize their prospects in ways unique to their company.

Exhibitors can set up custom follow-ups and surveys to help them identify which products/services/solutions an attendee is interested in. These qualifiers can include items such as budget, time frame to purchase, purchasing authority and the best method for follow-up. The number of follow-ups and surveys questions is unlimited.


Attendees can mark the exhibitors you are interested in by clicking the star button on their profile. They can sort  their  view of the Online Exhibit Hall to show just their favorite exhibitors.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are available on the Online Exhibit Hall to generate incremental revenue or to promote your sponsors and premium exhibitors.

Here is how it works:

  1. Bartizan will send an invitation to all of your exhibitors inviting them to create a digital booth by filling  out an online profile on our web portal LeadsLightning. The digital booths feature a personalized sales message along with links to the exhibitor’s website, product pages, landing pages, blog, videos, social media networks and more.  Exhibitors can create special show offers or promotions specific to those who attend your event. There is also a designated section for custom survey questions and qualifiers.
  2. Registered attendees will be sent an email with a link to the Online Exhibit Hall.
  3. The attendee views the digital booths and may choose to click on any of the links or contact exhibitors directly.
  4. For immediate communication, the attendee clicks on any exhibitor chat button to start a real-time live chat session.
  5. Exhibitors can easily access statistics and reports on booth activity by individual attendee and in aggregate.  They can see how many attendees viewed their booth and which links they clicked. They can access all data uploaded for each attendee including name, company, email address and phone number.
  6. Exhibitors can follow up with attendees, just as they would after a typical trade show.

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