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The Eventbrite and LeadsLightning integration automates data flow between the two systems for a best-in-class solution.

LeadsLightning is Bartizan's web destination for simple fast data tracking, management and reporting for trade, corporate and consumer shows and events. LeadsLightning integrates with Eventbrite to receive relevant attendee information in real time. All registrant lists are continuously updated, eliminating the time required for manual upload of registration files. Exhibitors can see on-site registration data appear on the screen when a badge is scanned.

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Use Bartizan's iLeads lead retrieval and iSessions session tracking apps to:
  • Digitally capture, manage, and qualify leads anytime, anywhere
  • View real-time lead analysis backed up and synced to a secure website
  • Verify attendance with 100% accuracy and manage multi-session events
  • Eliminate manual labor previously required for managing CEU/CME awards
  • Grant access to paid sessions or functions with Access Control
  • Allow attendees to scan themselves in or out of sessions
Here's how it works:

An account is created for you on LeadsLightning® through which you will be able to connect your Eventbrite account to LeadsLightning and synch your attendee information for lead retrieval and session tracking purposes. Once the account is created, you will receive an email invitation to connect. This email contains your account information for LeadsLightning.

  • Go to www.leadslightning.com and use the UserID and Password in the email you received to log in and activate your accounts
  • Once the account is activated, a two step wizard appears to manage the connection process

Step 1

  1. Read user consent and agree to its terms by checking “Securing User Consent” check box
  2. Type a name to identify this connection
  3. Click on “Connect to Eventbrite”. You will be redirected to Eventbrite so that access to your Eventbrite account is granted to LeadsLightning
  4. Login to Eventbrite
  5. Click on “Allow” button to allow LeadsLightning to access the data for your event
  6. You will be redirected back to the Eventbrite connection page on LeadsLightning with the Connection Established (green) button, which means you have successfully connected Eventbrite to LeadsLightning. You will be moved automatically to step 2 to select your Eventbrite event
Eventbrite Wizard Flat dark gray backgrnd

Step 2

  1. Select the event from the Eventbrite events dropdown list then click on “Finish
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