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The Aventri and Bartizan integration delivers innovative technology to streamline the event process.
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Connect iSessions session tracking and iLeads lead retrieval apps to your Aventri  account and registration information will seamlessly synchronize with Bartizan's online web portal LeadsLightning. Event organizers receive relevant attendee information in real team and all registration lists are continuously updated, eliminating the time required for manual upload of registration files. Start monitoring session check-ins and check-outs and see which sessions are performing best, which rooms are filling up, and which speakers are the most popular.

With Aventri integration, access verification to sessions and event functions is seamless. Last minute changes are available in real time to iSessions.  Verify access eligibility based on individual sessions purchased, an entire track of sessions or any session on specific days. Scan a badge and get visual and audible indicators whether access to a session or function should be granted or denied.

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Pair Aventri's registration platform with Bartizan's iSessions, attendance tracking and iLeads lead retrieval apps to:
  • Verify attendance with 100% accuracy and manage multi-session events
  • Grant access and improve security with access control
  • Allow attendees to scan themselves in or out of sessions
  • View live attendee activities at large conferences, expos and events
  • Eliminate manual labor previously required for managing CEU/CME awards
  • Digitally capture, manage, and qualify leads anytime, anywhere
Here's how it works:
  1. Request an API Key from Aventri support.
  2. Provide us with the API Key, Account ID and Event ID and we will configure your event on LeadsLightning to connect to your Aventri event.
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Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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