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iLeads for BlackBerry® Devices Released; Top Lead Retrieval App Now Native to Top Business Smart Phone

YONKERS, New York — February 6, 2013 — Bartizan Connects, maker of the trade show industry’s top lead retrieval tools, today announced iLeads for BlackBerry® devices, the newest version of its award-winning and market-leading app for exhibitor lead management.

The 80 million BlackBerry® users worldwide now have the power to collect leads at trade shows by using their devices to scan badges, or simply type a badge #, unlocking the rich market and demographic data attached to every trade show attendee badge.

BlackBerry®, trade shows, and iLeads are built for business
iLeads is a native app for Android, Apple, and now BlackBerry® devices. It’s not browser-based, and reliant on HTML and a live data connection. So for exhibitors without a live data connection or sluggish cellular connectivity, iLeads still performs.

“Critical to our design for iLeads for the BlackBerry® devices is the way we harnessed this device and operating system’s powerful capabilities,” said Ayman Ahmed, Senior Vice President & CTO, Bartizan Connects. “iLeads integrates tightly with the features BlackBerry® users are most accustomed to using: the trackball, trackpad, qwerty keyboard, and of course the touchscreen. Usability, efficiency of taps and swipes, and clarity of information drove our design effort from start to finish. This is a winning product for a demanding demographic.”

The iLeads for BlackBerry® app is available free. Take it for a test drive now: http://web.bartizan.com/test-drive-ileads.

The iLeads app is the starting point for a powerful, integrated lead generation and follow-up system. iLeads links exhibitors to secure web-based show reporting software to identify the best leads in minutes. The iLeads lead management app is also available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android phones and tablets

About Bartizan
Bartizan is a long-time provider of exhibitor lead management programs. Lead retrieval services, badge printing, session tracking and mobile apps to capture sales leads at tradeshows. Bartizan originated lead retrieval for mobile phones; the iLeads app is synonymous with customer satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, and industry leadership.

For more information on Bartizan Lead Retrieval, contact: Joanna Stasuk, Marketing Director, Joanna@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977 or visit: www.bartizan.com


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