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Why Using Lead Retrieval is Better Than an Event Attendee List

Some event organizers believe that offering exhibitors an attendee event list is an easy way to help them collect sales leads. However, there are many pitfalls to this thinking.  If a show organizer is serious about helping exhibitors with trade show lead generation, then offering lead retrieval is the better solution.

The event attendee list is not optimal for many reasons.  If you provide exhibitors with the event attendee list before your show, you leave your exhibitors scrambling to write down notes and key information about booth visitors during precious (and limited) face-to-face time.  If you provide an event attendee list after your event, your exhibitors may not even remember which leads stopped by their booth, forcing them to cold call every lead.  In addition, exhibitors are less inclined to use the attendee mailing lists in fear of violating new consumer privacy protection laws.

Here are few reasons why event organizers should ditch the event attendee list and offer retrieval apps to their exhibitors instead:

Lead retrieval qualifiers and notes help quickly identify the best prospects.

 A good lead retrieval system will allow exhibitors to add custom qualifiers to each lead.  Key qualifiers can include type of business, number of locations, annual sales, level of decision-making authority of the badge holder or purpose for attending the show. Gathering critical information about each potential customer will make post-show lead follow-ups more productive.

Using qualifier criteria exhibitors can create reports to quickly identify the best leads. In this way hundreds, or even thousands, of leads of uncertain potential can be filtered in minutes to produce the handful that truly have the greatest potential.Man using iLeads on phone with quote

Cited by one exhibitor using lead retrieval, “By qualifying a lead, not only do I have the contact info for the person who stopped by my booth, but I can also pick up the conversation right where it left off. This doesn’t mean I will make a sale every time, but it does get me a lot closer. And it’s so much easier than making a cold call.”

Lead retrieval apps help convert leads into sales quickly.

Between the exhibiting, meetings, dinners, and off-site excursions, your exhibitors have a full schedule during your event. Many are hard pressed for time to manually enter lead data in their CRM system. With a lead retrieval app, exhibitors can quickly upload their leads into their CRM system for personalized email and sales rep follow up.

With lead retrieval real-time data transfer, salespeople back at the office can monitor leads in real time. They can email prospects demos and marketing material immediately after contact has been made. Expedient follow-up with prospective customers gives exhibitors a leg up on the competition.

Lead retrieval apps keep exhibitors compliant with consumer data protection laws.

The safeguarding of personal data is a hot topic in the trade show industry right now. Between the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other state laws designed to protect the personal information of attendees, it important that event organizers be compliant with applicable laws when sharing attendee personal information to their exhibitors. Exhibitors want to be assured that that are protected as well.

By offering lead retrieval, event organizers facilitate exhibitor/attendee relationships while keeping exhibitors compliant with consumer privacy protection laws.

Using a phone or tablet as a lead retrieval device, exhibitors can scan an attendee badge to capture contact information. Allowing an exhibitor to scan a badge or enter attendee ID number constitutes an attendee's consent or permission to receiving future business communications from the exhibitor.

Final Thoughts

We are in a digital age and lead retrieval is all about the sharing of information digitally and legally. Exhibitors relay on lead retrieval to help boost activity and accelerate follow up after an event.  It is important that you provide exhibitors with tools like lead retrieval to make their experience at your show a success.

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