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Why Keeping Things Simple is Key at a Trade Show

By Staff Report September 15, 2014 Trade Show Tips

You may have heard of the acronym "KIS," which stands for "Keep it simple." Given how common this piece of advice has become, it's surprising how often it's ignored - and the trade show circuit is no exception.

When it comes to exhibits, big and flashy isn't always best. In fact, if you try to do too much with your booth, you may end up making it seem gaudy and ridiculous. This could actually act as a major turnoff to prospects, which isn't exactly what you're going for. 

"Without careful prioritization, your booth can turn into a flea market or a three-ring circus," warned Business 2 Community contributor Mike Thimmesch in a recent article. 

Dream big, winnow down
There's nothing wrong with dreaming big, but you also need to winnow down when necessary. Take your jam-packed trade show booth idea and pare it down to its essentials. The final result should still encapsulate the spirit of your vision, only without some of the bells and whistles that would ultimately have detracted from what you're trying to do - namely, capture and generate leads.

You should apply this way of thinking to every aspect of your booth, from the posters and other promotional materials you display to the free gifts you give away. Not only will the end result likely be less cluttered and more attractive to attendees, but you'll probably see a positive impact on your financials, too. Remember those bulbs you were going to buy in your company's colors and string across the booth? Put the savings from those toward springing for higher-quality printed flyers or a new paint job - you're guaranteed to end up better off.

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