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There are a wide variety of reasons why companies use our lead retrieval app. We've listed some common reasons here. Take a look at the following statements and see if any apply to your company:

  1. You are short on manpower or budget.
  2. You may have lost revenue because of mishandling or losing potential sales opportunities.
  3. You'd like to be sure which of your tradeshow leads will become the most profitable.
  4. You or your staff have lost or can't easily find valuable customer information.
  5. Your company is outgrowing lead sheets and applications such as Excel.
  6. Companies exhibit at shows to gather leads – manage those leads in a quick, digital way.
  7. It's difficult to profile and target prospects after the show for marketing campaigns.
  8. You have very little real-time accurate information and data about booth activity.
  9. You find it time consuming to manually enter information - delaying follow-up.
  10. It's tough to analyze good leads from bad ones at your show.
  11. In the past, you have misplaced the business cards of prospects.
  12. Sometimes you wish you could track leads more efficiently.

Why do companies use lead retrieval? Because lead retrieval is all about overcoming these problems. The more you understand your leads with targeting, the better you manage your relationships with them. The faster you follow up, the more profitable your tradeshow participation will be.

Like ROI? The faster you follow up, the more profitable your tradeshow participation will be.

Instant [PDF] Download:  "Why Companies Use Lead Retrieval"


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