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When is the Right Time to Abandon a Trade Show?

By Staff Report December 31, 2013 Trade Show Tips

Organizations can invest a lot of time, money and effort into a trade show in the hope that such events will result in new customers and necessary industry connections. However, not every show may go as planned. Trade Show News Network's Mike Thimmesch recently highlighted some reasons why it may be a clear sign that firms should abandon future gatherings.

Businesses undoubtedly want to see trade shows deliver a return on investment. If events fail in this regard, companies may not want to participate at those locations. However, Thimmesch cautioned that shows may provide other measurable benefits, so it is really up to the organizations whether they want to continue attending certain events.

Prospects are the reason why businesses attend a trade show in the first place. If companies are finding that potential buyers are not walking an event, it is their best interest to try to find a venue that does, Thimmesch noted. Organizations can also speak with show organizers to make sure attendees are suitable for their corporate goals.

Thimmesch also explained that audiences may be not attending particular trade shows like in previous years. If declining participation among customers is heading in the wrong direction, companies should allocate resources to events that are more on the opposite side of this spectrum.

Social media has emerged recently as a major marketing tool for promoting trade shows. If venues are still neglecting such channels, exhibitors may notice that only seasoned customers may be in attendance, rather than new blood. Thimmesch indicated that this is a clear sign that the future prospects of such events are heading downhill and should be avoided.

"The best shows know that new attendees and new exhibitors are what make the show grow, and they treat them with care. If shows ignore newcomers and just take them for granted, vote with your feet," he wrote.

Do venues embrace new technology?

In addition to social media, mobile devices have also become more of a mainstay throughout the trade show landscape. If event venues are not only neglecting social networks when it comes to promoting upcoming events, but also mobile audiences who eagerly use their smartphones and tablets to access content, then organizations may want to consider events that do.

Although businesses are responsible for their own trade show marketing, it is nice when the venues themselves do the same to reach an even broader audience. The integration of social and mobile channels can help brands communicate with new prospects and keep them updated on booth locations and other necessary statuses during shows.

Thimmesch concluded that not all trade shows fall short when it comes to hosting successful events. If companies realize that they are putting more into a show than they are getting back, then it is a good indication that other arrangements should be made because firms that find "responsive shows" will be able to grow their brands in the long run.


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