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What Makes Trade Show Marketing Content Engaging?

By Staff Report March 19, 2014 Trade Show Tips

Trade show exhibitors that leverage effective pre-show marketing campaigns improve their conference experiences in a variety of ways. This concept was highlighted by Trace Cohen, co-founder of Launch.It, in a recent blog post on The Trade Show News Network (TSNN). He asserted that by publishing digital content three months before the event date, exhibitors can increase booth traffic, facilitate better attendee interactions and generate discussion about their brands on social media sites.

In order to maximize these benefits, exhibitors should learn which marketing practices result in lead generation success.

Answer the five W's
Exhibitors must not forget include the basic details about their trade show appearances. Just like all news releases, trade show announcements should answer "who, what, where, when and why" questions about the event. If exhibitors are planning a product launch at the conference, they should be sure to announce this in the lead paragraph.

Launch a website for the event
Exhibitors can benefit by creating a standalone website to raise awareness about an upcoming trade show. Web developers should enhance the site by including various forms engaging content, including photos, fact sheets and product descriptions. Meanwhile, marketing teams can drive web traffic by posting about the site on their social media channels.

Make the most of video
Posting video content is a great way of generating trade show interest. By producing an entertaining, informative video, exhibitors could spark excitement about their brands on social media channels.   

"People love videos, and they are very sharable via social media," said Trade Show Institute Traci Browne. "The key to creating a good social media video is an infectious and engaging personality that comes across on camera."

Browne also suggested that exhibitors looking to use video for product demonstration purposes should focus on visual context rather than dialog.

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