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What Good Are Leads You Can't Read?

By Staff Report September 27, 2013 Trade Show Tips

No matter how much you prepare for a trade show or how well the event goes, there are bound to be small problems that occur along the way. Exhibitor Online stated that one of the most common challenges for exhibitors is understanding their notes from an event.

As an exhibitor, you have a lot of openings to find out essential information about potential leads. These insights can help qualify follow-up actions and contribute to a successful conversion. However, the source noted that the fast and furious pace of a trade show can lead to illegible notes about contact information, areas of interest and more. Sorting through the data after an event could leave you wondering exactly how to follow up with these leads. The problem become even more of an issue if these potential customers are handed off to other departments.

Fortunately, technology is making it easier to capture information. Badge scanners reduce reliance on handwritten notes to create a database of qualified leads, and this allows multiple parties to follow up with interested consumers without a lot of confusion.

Improving follow-up strategies
Of course, exhibitors still need to take the appropriate steps to verify information and improve the chances of maintaining connections after an event. The source noted that the best leads should always contain information about how to follow up. Some individuals may want to receive a phone call within a week, while  others may prefer to communicate over email. This information is often not available through badge scanners, but is vital to improving conversion rates.

The way you approach conversations during trade shows can have a large impact on your ability to capture essential information. Personal interactions are the best way to gauge interest, but you may not be the one to complete follow-ups. To clearly  communicate information to sales or marketing departments, a lot of businesses use lead generation forms that convey insights learned through interactions. Adotas stated that a high-quality form can eliminate common problems associated with nurturing new customers. The source also noted that integrating data from multiple channels could expedite the verification process. The right lead retrieval software can input information collected from badge scanners directly into the right forms.

Multichannel strategies can also be used during trade shows. If you encourage attendees to join social conversations, this allows you to develop a deeper dialog during events, improving the verification process and reducing reliance on notes.

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