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What Exhibitors Need To Know to Engage with Today's Attendees

By Staff Report March 11, 2014 Trade Show Tips

Like most things in life, trade show best practices are always changing. Thanks to new technologies, exhibitors have more options for attracting attendees' interest, engaging them in interactive activities and following up with them after the conference. Trade show regulars are probably getting bored of seeing the same old tricks being used by exhibitors, so implementing innovative event solutions could result in better lead generation outcomes than tried and tested formulas.

Here are a few things exhibitors should keep in mind to help them achieve trade show success:

Environmental friendliness is key
he green movement is growing strong throughout the U.S., and people are doing everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. Many of today's attendees are interested in products with eco-friendly features and exhibitors that green-conscious decisions. With that said, environmentally friendly exhibitors could have a significant edge in driving booth traffic.

Shane Shirley of SBS Brands recently contributed a blog post to The Trade Show News Network (TSNN) that explained why green-mindedness is so crucial to modern conferences. She cited that 600,000 tons of waste are generated at trade shows each year. Exhibitors that work to reduce this statistic will not only improve their public reputations, they can also stand out more in attendees' minds. Shirley advised booth staffers to set up trash stations, providing separate bins for recycling and trash materials.

Cutting-edge technology turns heads
Many of the latest innovations in technology have potential trade show uses. Exhibitors that feature new gadgets might be able to gain attendees' attention and keep them at booths longer. BizBash predicted that Google Glass and Bluetooth low-energy devices will become more common items in future trade shows. Applications on these tech tools can let attendees know when they're near a brand that appeals to their particular interests, so exhibitors might benefit by making their booths optimized for wearable gadgets.

Trade show apps help exhibitors stay organized
Modern trade show technology has made the business card a thing of the past. Using tools like lead capture apps and electronic badge scanners, exhibitors can quickly collect attendees' information and send it to sales teams before the event even ends. Exhibitors no longer have to waste time sorting through hundreds of business cards and manually entering contact info.

Using Web-based means of lead organization might not be as convenient as some would believe. Conference halls often lack Wi-Fi networks, so exhibitors that were planning to connect their laptops to the Internet could find themselves in a dilemma. Mobile apps like iLeads, however, do not require Web connection to collect leads. iLeads is customizable to an exhibitor's specific needs and sales teams are given real-time lead analysis. The app's cloud-based lead retrieval system provides for improved contact management abilities and fast downloads, giving staff members and sales personnel what they need to get the most of a trade show.

Today's exhibitors have more tools than ever to help gain attendees' interest and stay organized with leads. By promoting environmental friendliness and embracing new technologies, exhibitors can appeal to a vast number of conference attendees.

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