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Ways to Improve Foot Traffic During an Event

By Staff Report November 14, 2013 Trade Show Tips

While exhibiting at trade shows are a great way to build brand awareness and generate new business, the crowded environment can make it difficult to attract quality leads, as each booth is competing with hundreds of others for the time and attention of attendees. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to increase foot traffic and make each conference a success.

Tip: Consider your location carefully
Where a booth is located can have a huge impact on how successful you are in capturing attention. Big displays near the entrance are sure to get noticed, since they are the first thing that people see, Ad Pulp reported. This often makes these areas more expensive to rent, so consider your budget. Of course, being front and center will not increase visitors if you don't wow your audience.

Tip: Use a contest to get people talking
Everyone loves a chance to win something unique, but a standard fishbowl raffle will not get people talking. If you plan to use a contest, make sure it stands out with its creativity. Incorporating social media is a good way to encourage people to share their experiences at your booth, which helps attract others. The same rule should also apply to any swag being handed out. No one will walk across a crowded conference hall to get a stress ball, but they might for something truly unique and creative.

Tip: Attitude is everything
Ad Pulp stated that customer service must be excellent throughout a trade show, so don't let the long hours wear you or your staff down. Provide everyone with regular breaks so they have plenty of energy during the show's final hours, as this time period can be critical to making an important deal or finding a highly qualified lead. A positive and energetic attitude will leave potential clients feeling good about your brand and their overall trade show experience.

Tip: Don't stop once the doors close
During a trade show, potential customers see hundreds of other exhibitors, and all of those meetings and conversations tend to flow together. This makes it highly unlikely that they will reach out to anyone in a timely manner, so you should take the first step by reaching out to leads and continuing the conversation. Having a plan for how contact information will be captured and shared will help with the follow-up process. For instance, badge scanners offer a quick way to improve lead retrieval by creating an electronic database of qualified customers.

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