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Watch iLeads In Action [VIDEO]

By Joanna Stasuk September 22, 2015 App for Lead Retrieval

Here is the latest iLeads demo webinar recording. It's just 10-minutes and offers a quick view first-hand on how iLeads offers the best price, performance, and the most complete lead retrieval solution to improve tradeshow results.

The iLeads app is synonymous with customer satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, and industry leadership. iLeads is as easy to use as the smartphone or tablet in your hand. It’s totally intuitive design and function means no one needs to instruct exhibitors how to capture and qualify their leads.

While you watch this webinar recording you’ll learn why iLeads is a new and better way to collect data and exchange information. In less than five minutes, they offer a walk through of all of the steps required to get the iLeads App up and running. You will also learn how iLeads lead retrieval can help you improve your events, see the cost savings and how to learn this easy system that has no barcode required.

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