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One lead at your trade show could be worth a lot of money, but you have to separate qualified leads from those that are not. Taking notes and using qualifiers prioritizes your leads. This 67- second video will show you how easy it is.


Let's face it...typing on your smartphone or tablet can sometimes prove frustrating. With the device's small keyboard and weird auto corrected words, taking notes on your leads at trade shows can be difficult.  We all know why it's important to take notes at trade shows. Prospects want to be treated as individuals, every one has a different purchasing time-frame, budget and interest level. Taking notes and using qualifiers at tradeshows helps prioritize your lead follow up and make those prospects feel you remembered them.

Voice dictation allows you to speak directly into your device and have your words instantly converted to text.

Exhibitors love iLeads’ voice entry feature.  For most devices, they can use iLeads’ voice to text feature to take notes.  Adding qualifiers and notes to leads is a snap particularly if voice-to-text is being used. Leads that are content-rich are more likely to be followed up.

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