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Video Marketing: An Engaging Tool for Trade Show Organizers

Video is one of the most popular tactics used in business-to-consumer (B2C) content marketing today. When executed properly, video is a dynamic, engaging, and effective way to increase interest in and attendance at trade shows. Trade show organizers can use video marketing to provide a seamless experience for vendors and attendees, from the event's initial announcement and planning all the way to encouraging repeat attendance the following year.

Here's how to incorporate video into your trade show marketing strategy before, during and after the show:

Before the Show
As a trade show organizer, you can harness the power of video early on via social media. YouTube reaches more than a billion people each day - and a majority of viewers (80 percent) are located outside of the United States, making YouTube an especially important marketing channel for international trade shows and organizers hoping to receive global attention. Creating a YouTube channel and linking to the page from your other social-media communities can increase your online presence and make information about your trade show easier to find. High-quality, engaging videos are more likely to be shared by viewers, further boosting their overall reach. The more visible your trade show is, the more likely your attendance rates will rise.

During the Show
Event videos are an excellent way to capture the excitement of your trade show as it happens. Having an onsite videography team encourages attendees to stay engaged with your event long after it ends (they'll want to know if they made it into the video's final cut, of course), and real-time video streaming combined with custom branded content draws attention from guests, vendors and sponsors during your actual event.

After the Show
An effective marketing strategy doesn't end after the last exhibitor leaves. Build on your success by distributing (through dedicated websites and marketing emails) video highlights of the event and the people who attended. By showcasing vendors, acknowledging supporters and memorializing the moments no one wants to forget, your attendees will feel like they were part of something special. You can also use these opportunities to create a stir ahead of next year's event by offering reduced-rate tickets for a limited time.

Creating a customized video package for your trade show can take your attendance numbers to new heights. To elevate your event to the next level, visit Summit Videos and see what they can do for your next trade show.

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About the author: John Trefry created Summit Videos, a company focused on creating broadcast-quality video content for trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Follow Summit Videos on Twitter and Facebook.

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