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Using Trade Shows To Promote Trade Shows

By Staff Report May 27, 2014 Trade Show News

This day and age, a trade show manager has to be on the cutting edge of innovation to draw new exhibitors and attendees alike into their show. Some rely on well-maintained networks of contacts, some on an affinity for social media and others still have creatively formulated a strategy that uses different trade shows to promote their own.

Though the logic doesn't emerge at first mention, a trade show manager being an exhibitor at a different events can actually be a brilliant move for those who want to spread the word to attendees who may not be aware of their existence. It's an event solution for those both promoting a trade show and managing one - as long as the two events are far enough apart in time and geographical distance that there is no competition to speak of, and the exhibition a manager sets their booth up at benefits from yet another talented exhibitor on-site. 

The Trade Show News Network recently released an article about Jim Wulfekuhle, vice president of sales and marketing for the International Woodworking Fair of Atlanta and huge proponent of on-the-road marketing.

"It used to be we would exhibit to sell exhibit sales," he commented to TSNN. "Now, we are really solidifying relationships with other organizers."

Face-to-face interaction with potential attendees cannot be underestimated, according to a report from popular blog Marketing Charts. It gives exhibitors the opportunity for optimal lead capture, as well as the potential to establish a friendly relationship with those they think would be positive additions to their show. This also serves to recruit both potential exhibitors and attendees in one fell swoop.  

For trade show managers across the country and beyond, the best trade show booth idea this year just may be to pitch one at a different exhibition.

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