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Using Online Metrics to Better Trade Show Performance

By Staff Report August 8, 2014 Trade Show Tips

When working in the trade show industry, it can be difficult to find ways to "one-up" the competition during any given season. While trends like elaborate trade show booth ideas and other event solutions come and go, one tried-and-true method has always worked - convincing data can help sell product. In a culture that is known for its ability to see through the flimsy marketing ploys that formerly coerced consumers, getting a handle on online metrics and other tools could be an affordable key to success at this year's exhibition.

The basics of Web analytics
When facing the notoriously short attention spans of attendees, it's important to have a game plan that will capture their imagination quickly and efficiently. While using metrics isn't the only way to do this, it's an interesting alternative to the traditional approach specifically because it offers a user facts to base their opinions on instead of other "talk-y" and dated techniques. PR News Online contributor Steve Goldstein wrote about some positive ways the technology can inform an attendee's decision to strike up a partnership with an enterprising exhibitor.

 "Metrics alone are not enough. Insights are critical and needed to drive action, shape strategy and validate the impact of PR," the source stated. "Data and insights need to be democratized and shared enterprise-wide, allowing for full transparency and a common language for the company to engage in."

Web analytics can be laid out in a number of different formats to communicate their value to a reader - consulting a graphic designer or marketing professional about putting together an infographic could be an extremely valuable decision. This is a common practice among content marketing firms whose sole purpose is to design interesting ways to consume industry and company-specific information. If your business is going through the trouble of collecting data for analysis and distribution to show off to customers, it is a critical and worthwhile investment to ensure that it's being displayed in the most attractive and easy to understand way possible.

Size matters with online metrics
Of course, a company can have thousands of statistics but still only have a few seconds to catch the attention of an attendee. This means that marketers and exhibitors should work together to determine which figures are the most relevant from a marketing standpoint, not which are simply interesting to the business. In a trade show setting, an organization can compact this information into a slide show, printed graphic or even their signature banner hung in front of the booth.

As Marketing Experiments contributor Daniel Burstein reminded his readers in a recent article, the point of Web analytics is getting results from the consumer. A classic example is saying that four out of five dentists prefer Trident gum - it's a catchy figure, translates well into commercial marketing and reflects positively on the business. What can your company say that will turn the average attendee's head?

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