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Using Guerrilla Marketing Strategies at Trade Shows

By Staff Report October 2, 2013 Trade Show Tips

Companies that do a lot of trade shows may have their exhibits carefully planned and choreographed. This can help minimize the confusion and costs associated with participating in multiple events each year, but if firms are not careful, they can fall into a rut that makes their exhibits bland, boring and forgettable.

Fortunately, there are endless possibilities when it comes to attracting attention, and the right moves could make your brand stand out even on a tight budget.

Extend your marketing reach
A well-placed booth can help attract attendees, but these ideal locations often go quickly and are more expensive to rent. Inc. noted that smart marketers start advertising their brands well before attendees reach the event center. Placing your logo in several locations around a convention center, such as at the hotel bar or in taxis, may increase brand recognition and pique interest even if your booth isn't in the most optimal spot.

Stay on message
The right placement of advertisements can capture attention, but the messaging also needs to be memorable for ads to leave a lasting impression. Forbes noted that it is not unusual for guerrilla marketing tactics to rely on humor as a way to maintain customer interest. However, the source stated that businesses need to be careful not to offend their audience with tasteless jokes. Companies often become too clever for their own good when using humor, but it is important to remain on message.

Timing is everything
Companies can successfully generate traffic with well-timed promotions. With hundreds of exhibitors fighting for attention, it is important to watch the flow of crowds and events to hit the largest audiences. Running a contest at the start of an event may be tempting, but this is when everyone else may decide to launch their promotions. Adjusting timing to grab attention when no one else is may end up generating better results.

Adjusting event checklists to include out-of-the-box marketing tactics can help you steal the spotlight. The right actions ensure your brand is memorable and make it easier to capture quality leads.

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