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Understanding the Internet Landscape at Hotels and Convention Centers: A Primer for Event Organizers

Web Access at Tradeshows Are you a conference manager? If so, understanding your event participants need for Wi-Fi is likely a concern of yours. This is a free whitepaper courtesy of Trade Show Internet (www.tradeshowinternet.com).

Download this guide now

Discover the basic IT lingo so you'll be prepared to have a productive conversation regarding your event's Wi-Fi and Internet needs.

Why you need this information:

  • Attendees often use two Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time.
  • The result – unreliable or slow Wi-Fi can cause people to leave an event in search of an Internet connection.

Download this guide now

With the reputation of your event at stake, asking the right questions early on in the planning process will help you receive the best network to achieve your event’s goals.

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