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When you're exhibiting at a tradeshow, the last thing you want to do after spending so much time and money getting there is to be unnoticed. Just as all other aspects of marketing, the tradeshow displays that stand out and are fun will get the most attention and have some of the best chances of earning new customers for your company.

You should choose the best combination of displays that match your brand and your message without overdoing it. If you only have a table with a table throw and your logo on it and nothing else, that’s probably not enough, but if you have seven different pop up displays and tons of TV’s and iPads with constant noise, the customer might be a little bit intimidated. The key is to find that balance and communicate your unique message effectively.

1. Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays are very common and are good for getting large graphical representations of your company's logos and imagery in front of the customer. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so depending on the event space you're working with, you can choose different sizes for each.

These help you stand out by giving you a generally large surface area to display your advertisement or unique company graphics that sell your products or services. When choosing the graphics for the pop-up displays, stay within your company's design but try to be as creative and enticing as possible with the imagery to pull the customer in to your display area.

Pop-Up Displays

2. Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are an excellent way to be noticed from a distance on the conference room floor. If all the other vendors are competing for customer attention at eye-level, one differentiator for your booth is to enter another plane of sight and give your customers a chance to find you.

These can come in all different types of shapes – if you're a sports related company you can choose a football, if you're a surfing brand you can get a custom cut-out shaped like a wave, and there's limitless variations for every industry. Make the typography and graphics visible on these from a distance.

hanging tradeshow sign

3. iPad Stations

This is a really unique idea and has really only been possible over the past few years with the explosion of tablets, specifically iPads. If you set up a podium with a iPad with an interactive demo of your business, this is a great way for attendees to interact with your product without talking to your staff directly.

Some customers just want to learn and explore your products without feeling like they are being sold to, so these iPad stands are a great transition for that. The iPads can also play video at the customer's own pace which is a step above just having big screen TV's playing your tape on a loop.

Additionally, users can fill out their contact information if they like what they see and not have to fill out paper forms. Lastly, if your booth is short on staff, these stations can keep users engaged until one of your representatives can give them that personal attention.

portable ipad kiosk for 4 ipads

4. Interactive Games and Challenges

What can you do to draw people in and have fun with your representatives? At almost every event you'll see the table with a spinning wheel with a chance for passersby to have a little fun and win a prize. Think of something creative that will start the interaction with the customers and ease the tension of the initial conversation by directing it away from business and into the zone of light fun for a little while.

If you're a paper company you can have a paper airplane contest. If you're a sports related company you can have attendees do a pull up challenge. Almost any company can do a spinning wheel or trivia contest. Get creative and think out of the box.

These are only a few ideas of many that can help you stand out at any tradeshow or conference. The more interactive you can make your displays the better. The displays are only the first step of the process in getting potential customers on board, it's up to you to take them to the sale.

Mark KrennMark Krenn is the founder of Coastal Creative Reprographics, a printing company based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2012, Coastal Creative Reprographics specializes in wide format printing including signs, tradeshow displays, banners, and vehicle graphics. Mark enjoys keeping active outdoors, and traveling in his free time. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.





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