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Trade Shows Should Sport Supportive Scheduling

By Staff Report January 22, 2015 Trade Show Tips

Organizing a trade show is made up of a huge number of elements, some obvious and others more subtle. For instance, unless the company in charge books an appropriate space and gets a great list of exhibitors to commit, the event will be a failure. If there are blunders with accommodation or sign-ups for attendees, things will similarly go off-track. On the less overt side of things, organizers need to pick dates for their events that work for everyone.

Competitive Scheduling: Not Worth It?
A recent example from Apparel News ably demonstrated the chaos that can erupt when multiple expos in the same industry are scheduled for the same group of dates. The source noted that surf industry companies were troubled by the fact that Surf Expo and Agenda are held over the course of the same week, with employees stretched thin by attending both. The fact that the shows have been booked as much as 10 years in advance has complicated matters further.

The news provider explained that officials from the two events have spoken with one another to try and stake out unique dates but have been stymied by a crowded January schedule and unwillingness to negotiate. The end result is stressed exhibitors who are nevertheless being successful in taking meetings and attracting interest in their products. Imagining these shows without the scheduling morass points to the kind of success organizers can have if they work together in some capacity.

Becoming the Ideal Partner
Choosing dates that don't clash with attendees' schedules is only one of many conveniences organizers can use to show they are interested in the comfort and efficiency of their guests. These leaders can also switch to better on-site technology. TSNN blogger Marty McGreevy pointed out that despite the online focus of today's business world, trade show industry growth stats have actually been rising since the recession has eased. It's therefore time for organizers to step up and give attendees the tech-enhanced experience they're seeking and thus keep their attention.

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