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The ability to follow-up on tradeshow leads is dictated by the manner in which the leads are collected.

If your “system” is to ask for a business card and make notes on the back – you will have to work on assumptions that may not be accurate. What assumptions? You will not have the demographic information that is typical encoded on a tradeshow attendee’s badge. You will have to ask for or do without key qualifiers, such as:

  1. Type of business
  2. Number of locations
  3. Annual Sales
  4. Number of Employees
  5. Level of decision-making authority
  6. Purpose for attending the show

Yes, you have to do a good job at the show. But few tradeshow attendees place orders on the spot. You need to plan ahead, set qualifiers and follow up on those leads after the show. Most attendees make their buying decisions in the days, weeks and months following a trade show.

Do you want to leave your prospects buying decisions to chance? Effective follow-up is required if you are going to meet ambitious goals.

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