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  1. Lead retrieval captures attendee’s full registration data – purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size as well as other useful data.
  2. You exhibit at shows to gather leads – so you should manage leads in a quick, digital way.
  3. Never lose a lead by dropping a business card.
  4. Salespeople back at the office can follow up on leads while you’re still at the show.
  5. Leads should have qualifiers and notes so you remember the interaction.
  6. iLeads lets you capture leads at parties, dinners and luncheons during the tradeshow too.
  7. Offers easy database upload after the show.

For a free, demo account: Click Here

iLeads takes the hassle out of lead retrieval. Download the free iLeads app now. Try the demo. If you are an exhibitor and your shows don't offer iLeads, send us the name of the event and the name of the show organizer to: wewantiLeads@bartizan.com

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    Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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