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Top Five Reasons to Choose iLeads Lead Retrieval App for Your Exhibitors

Don't hesitate to offer your exhibitors iLeads. Rest assured, iLeads is hassle-free for you and exhibitors truly love it.

Why do they love it? Exhibitors get secure cloud backup of leads, their qualifiers can sync to unlimited devices, they get web access to data from anywhere, and priority user support.

iLeads Lead Retrieval AppTop Five Reasons to Choose iLeads for Your Exhibitors

  1. iLeads represents no out of pocket costs for you, the event organizer. Fees are paid by exhibitors.
  2. iLeads is the highest rated app of its kind on iTunes.
  3. iLeads is the original and most widely used exhibitor lead retrieval app.
  4. Universal appeal. It works on Apple, Android, Kindle and BlackBerry® devices.
  5. Finally, we offer exhibitors our try iLeads before they buy it program. This means there is no obligation to you or your exhibitors.

Exhibitors say the cloud-based iLeads is "easier" and "less expensive" compared to other lead retrieval products they've used. They like how you "can download the leads right away" and "gather leads anywhere."

If you're thinking of offering your exhibitors lead retrieval or need help tracking event sessions, let's talk! Click here to schedule a call with us.

PS: If you would like to watch a replay of today’s iLeads demo or want to send it to your co-workers, »  here's the link.


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    Offer your exhibitors lead retrieval and get help tracking event sessions.

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