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Top 3 Myths About Conference Badge Scanner Apps

Conference Badge Scanner Apps

As an event organizer, it is important that you provide value and that you provide exhibitors with services that will make their experience at your event a success.

How can a lead capture app make exhibitors more effective? Rental lead retrieval terminals are distributed hours, at most, before an event. Generally, one booth staffer (who has to wait in line) may receive instructions on the use of the terminal. It becomes his or her responsibility to instruct others in the booth on the use of the terminal. Using an app, users own the device. They can familiarize themselves with the app well before an event.

The typical lead retrieval device has many functions, most of which go unused. Why? Just read the previous paragraph again.

Bartizan originated lead retrieval for smartphones in 2010. We have had time to gather  information about common misperceptions from both exhibitors and event planners.

Here are the top myths about lead retrieval apps from the company that originated the first badge scanner app, iLeads: 

Myth #1 - Exhibitors can buy a universal badge scanner solution. There is no system that will read every bar code on badges. Any vendor claiming to offer a universal lead retrieval solution is not being honest. There is no such thing. Data protection is a top concern we hear from our event planner partners. Event managers believe that when exhibitors that use their own systems for lead retrieval, attendee data is put at risk. We have heard from event planners that they dislike the idea of vendors offering a universal system because they would have access to the data that has been collected and could perhaps resell it. To prevent this, event planners have begun to encrypt their badges. This is a tremendous problem for vendors who offer a universal solution.

Our app, iLeads scans barcodes on badges but only with the participation of show managers. If another badge scanning app is used to scan a badge it will only give a number, so the data is protected, and exhibitors who buy a universal system would be disappointed.

Myth #2 - You need internet to collect leads. Wrong, a live Internet connection is not necessary during the show to use a (good) lead retrieval app. Most badge scanner apps are native apps. If an Internet connection is unavailable, all collected data will be updated automatically when the device is running and a Wi-Fi or cellular connection becomes available. The only time a live internet connection or wi-fi is necessary is when you are downloading the app to your device, when you are setting up your device with the access code for the event you are attending and when you want to upload your leads.

To learn more about the why having a native lead retrieval app is necessary, read the article: Why We Don’t Make Browser-Based Apps for Tradeshows

Myth #3  - Apps are hard to use. Today, as a show organizer, more than ever you have to address exhibitors’ concerns. A lead retrieval app can help.

Our surveys and focus groups have made it clear that exhibitors like lead retrieval, but dislike having to rent lead retrieval equipment. Exhibitors do not have sufficient time to learn how to use the features of a rented lead retrieval device and believe that rental costs are too high. A lead retrieval app means the end of lead retrieval rental.

In general, an app such as iLeads saves money for exhibitors, typically costing about 30 - 50 percent less than most lead retrieval solutions. Using a lead retrieval app, exhibitors can use their own familiar equipment. This results in greater utilization of features like voice - to text notes and greater exhibitor satisfaction and success.

Why are lead retrieval apps so cost-effective?
No shipping costs. Since exhibitors own their lead retrieval device, the cost to ship rental units is eliminated. Staffing costs are reduced. No one is needed to distribute and collect lead retrieval terminals. Maintenance costs are eliminated. Renters, typically, do not give lead retrieval units tender loving care. The cost of maintenance has to be factored in by the organization providing the equipment. Eliminate these costs and you reduce the cost of lead retrieval.

What will a lead retrieval app do for you, the event organizer?
To begin, your exhibitors will be happier, an app offers reduced cost, ease of use (fun to use!) and more useful lead information. It also offers more data for you, because more exhibitors will participate.

Test out iLeads
Get a free demo code to explore iLeads at your own pace. You'll get full access and will join the thousands of exhibitors who love the tradeshow industry's first and most widely used mobile app for lead retrieval.


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