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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Many questions will be answered as you capture and qualify leads during the course of your tradeshow. Whether you use a paper-based lead qualification system or an electronic lead management system, the old computer dictum applies: Garbage in, garbage out. If you do not employ the right lead qualifiers, you will not get the right information. Sure, the demographic information that you can capture from an encoded visitor badge will help immensely by forming the foundation of the demographic date. But you have the opportunity to get answers to questions that are not included in the registration.


Use the Web

After the show, you have to fill in the blanks. Get answers to questions that could not be covered under demographics or the lead qualifiers. The most obvious place to begin to fill in the blanks is the prospect’s website, Linkedin or Jigsaw.

Leads are highly perishable

Do not let the qualified leads you have assembled languish. They are gold-but perishable gold. Leads grow quickly. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, divides tasks into four categories: Urgent and important; important and not urgent; urgent and not important; not urgent and not important. Done properly, tradeshow preparation should be “important and not urgent”- it should be done well in advance of the show.

Lead follow-up is both important and urgent.

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