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December 31, 1969

The Art of Exhibitor Follow Up Part Two

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Many questions will be answered as you capture and qualify leads during the course of your tradeshow. Whether you use a paper-based lead qualification system or an electronic...

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Give Your Exhibitors 8 More Hours of Exhibit Time Each Day with Lead Retrieval

A man walks into a bar at the National Widget Association Annual Trade Show. He sidles up to the bar, orders a drink and gets comfortable. Soon a fellow standing next to him engages him in...

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Tradeshow Attendees and Exhibitors: Nurture your Connections After the Show

Do you wish to extend the life of your trade show interactions? We all know the great benefits of exhibiting and attending trade shows, but here are just a few:

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Why Buying Lead Retrieval Equipment Is Not a Viable Solution

Do you think renting lead retrieval equipment is a waste of money? At Bartizan Connects, I am often asked by exhibitors if they can purchase lead retrieval equipment from us to use at all their...

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Trade Show Leads – You Have to Follow Through

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MC50 Rental and MC70 Rental from Reliable Source, Bartizan.

Are you looking for easy to use lead retrieval, that's tiny and scans fast? Check out Motorola's MC50 and MC70 Lead Retrieval Scanners - they are remarkable devices. They can:

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