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Social Media Tips for Tradeshow Success [Infographic]

Trade show managers are no doubt aware of the power of social media when it comes to promoting their events in the digital age, but they may not know how best to leverage different social networking channels for maximum effect.

Social Media Tips for Trade Show SuccessHere are some tips for how to make your trade show stand out on three of the main social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This social network is the largest of its kind, and there was even a movie made about its creation! So, how can you use this media titan to your advantage? The first step is to create a page - not a personal profile - for your event. From there, focus on how to make the page interactive by:

  • Posting exclusive content such as interviews with exhibitors and behind-the-scenes videos and photos
  • Running contests and offering discounted admission
  • Listing common exhibitor or attendee mistakes
  • Posting digital copies of show guides, floor maps, schedules and the like, which not only makes your page a go-to resource but also saves paper!
  • Interact with commenters to stimulate engagement

Pinterest is essentially an electronic cork board with a modern twist. Use the network to create boards around different topics to drive traffic to your event's website, post photos from the big day and share trade show tips. When writing pin descriptions, include the same hashtag you're using on other social sites.

Some call LinkedIn the "professional Facebook," as it's a great way for businesspeople to network. This platform can be a powerful follow-up tool - just make sure you send connection requests to anyone you meet as soon as possible after the trade show. You can also leverage the site's survey and group features to get feedback on the event and collate a list of attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Download the infographic here. 


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