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Ever wonder about the trade show exhibit that looks all dressed up with no place to go? I’m talking about the exhibits that are complete in every detail but one: No one, but no-body from the exhibiting company is ever spotted within a 5-iron of the exhibit hall. Out on the golf course? Good possibility. By the pool? Perhaps. At the bar? Could be. But at the exhibit?

Exhibitors Empty Booth
How does this happen? Anecdotal evidence points to big companies that seem to think that they know all the customers and prospects and the customers and prospects all know them. “They’ll see our booth. Our literature is there in abundance. They know who we are and what we do. So, why get tied down to the booth? There are so many other things to do here (none of which involves being on my feet for 6 hours).”

Upper management would be appalled – if they knew, which they rarely do. You would think that an organization that invests 20 or 30 grand or more would want to take full advantage of the opportunity presented by a trade show. My belief is that it is far better not to exhibit at all than it is to have an unstaffed booth. An unmanned exhibit reeks of disdain for the event’s attendees.

This is far less likely to occur with small companies. At big companies, there is a certain safety in numbers. At small companies, the distance between the “boss” and staffers assigned to a show may be measured in feet – the boss very likely is on site and at the exhibit. The boss and the staff knows that not everyone knows their company. They aren’t there to show the flag. They are there to get leads and form relationships.

If you are responsible for your organization’s trade show ROI, there is a way that you can measure your on-site staff’s commitment. Electronic lead retrieval can effectively incentivize and monitor the activity within your exhibit. Download our whitepaper Why Do Companies Use Lead Retrieval? and find out how.





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