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Introducing iLeads Anywhere Universal Lead Retrieval

Imagine having the ability to capture business leads anywhere. Important business leads that you could capture, qualify, sort and filter. Not just attendee leads at a show, but any potential business lead. Well, now you can with iLeads Anywhere.

Bartizan Connects, the first company to develop a lead retrieval app for the trade show industry in 2009, is pleased to announce the release of its universal iLeads Anywhere lead retrieval system which allows anyone to capture leads instantly in any setting. iLeads Anywhere doesn’t require encoded badges. It doesn’t require business cards. It doesn’t even require a show. (Bartizan is a big fan of trade shows and the power of “face-to-face” events. Trade shows are a great place to meet your leads.). But let’s be clear, not every trade show has encoded badges. AndiLeads Anywhere blog photo most consumer shows don’t have name badges.

With iLeads Anywhere, you can quickly type in or speak the lead name and capture attendee data.  And just like the traditional iLeads lead retrieval app, iLeads Anywhere allows you to qualify the lead with customizable survey questions and qualifiers that can be customized at any time.  iLeads Anywhere also gives you access to Bartizan’s LeadsLightning online web portal where you can sort and filter your leads with thousands of different types of customizable reports. And with two clicks, you can download your leads and upload them into your favorite CRM or marketing automation platform.

Imagine these scenarios:

  • You’re exhibiting at a trade show (or consumer show) that doesn’t have an encoded badge and you want to capture a lead.
  • You run into a prospect on a plane, or at the gym or at any other event. You could ask for a business card. But you wouldn’t be able to quickly qualify them.
  • You own a brick-and-mortar store and you want to capture customer data or potential customer data. With a stand, you can easily turn iLeads Anywhere into a self-service app and let your customers enter their own information and qualify themselves. This can also be done at any trade or consumer show that doesn’t have encoded badges.
  • You want to save 75% - 90% on the cost of your lead retrieval app.

There are other lead retrieval apps that claim to be “universal” by reading all types of bar codes. But in reality this is impossible to do without paying for a very expensive developer kit (average price $600 per show) in addition to the cost of the lead retrieval app.

iLeads Anywhere is 90% cheaper than that for a monthly subscription!

There are those who might not want to type in attendee data into their phones. I would suggest that most smart phone users spend more time typing a short text message than they would capturing the essential data needed to capture a lead.

Get a free demo code to test drive iLeads Anywhere and see for yourself how easy it is to use. You'll be glad you did!

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