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Are you looking for easy to use lead retrieval, that's tiny and scans fast? Check out Motorola's MC50 and MC70 Lead Retrieval Scanners - they are remarkable devices. They can:

  • Read 1-D and 2-D bar codes
  • Record voice notes
  • Record text
  • Capture images
  • Display video
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Removable media SD card
  • All this and they easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Bartizan's rental pool of electronic data collection equipment is comprised of over 3,000 devices, including the Motorola MC50 and MC70. The MC50 and MC70 Lead Retrieval scanners can be provided with or without Bartizan's proprietary Leads2Go software.

Think of all the things you can accomplish with the MC50 and MC70 Lead Retrieval scanners. And renting your MC50s or MC70s from Bartizan Lead Retrieval gives you flexibility and economy. Since 1970, Bartizan has been providing companies big and small with data collection equipment - - that itself speaks to reliability.

MC50 lead capture system Rental Package Includes:

  • Hand Held MC50 unit
  • 2 extended capacity batteries (3600 mAh).Slot Desktop Cradle (USB) with integrated
  • Spare Battery Charger (Power Supply Included)
  • Main battery and a spare.

MC70 lead capture system Rental Package Includes:

  • Hand Held MC70 unit
  • AT&T data only SIM card.
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 extended capacity Smart batteries (3.7V, 3800 mAh). Main battery and a spare.
  • 1- 4-slot spare battery charge for every 4 units rented

Whether you need MC50s or MC70s next month or next day, call the data collection experts at Bartizan at (800) 899-2278 or email us at breda@bartizan.com. Or click here to have a representive contact you.

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