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Lead Retrieval is an Exhibitor's Best Friend

Too often, following a trade show, salespeople are handed a sheaf of leads with the instruction to start “dialing for dollars.”

If a sales representative makes fifty calls without success, there is a good chance that he or she will not make a fifty-first call. The remaining leads will be set aside, gathering dust, until the day when they are fed to a shredder.

A lead retrieval system, on the other hand, can provide an exhibitor with reports that can be filtered in order to quickly identify the best leads. This can be accomplished most effectively using a web-based back-end solution. In this way hundreds, or even thousands, of leads of uncertain potential can be filtered in minutes to produce the handful that truly have the greatest potential.

Exhibitors that turn leads into sales are highly likely to return for future events. They are also likely to generate favorable word-of-mouth buzz.

Even event attendees benefit from lead retrieval, a factor that is frequently overlooked. Unfortunately, an all too common complaint by attendees is that exhibitors do not follow up promptly, if at all. As described, lead retrieval can go a long way in addressing this problem.

However, even if salespeople do not follow up, lead retrieval can help attendees. Some lead retrieval providers offer exhibitor tracking programs which allow attendees to access a record of the exhibits that they visited. Exhibitors can view a report showing which attendees utilized this service, an indication of strong interest on the attendees’ part.

Using lead retrieval-generated reports, event managers and the managers of exhibiting organizations can analyze exhibitor follow-up efforts. Did an event generate a high volume of qualified leads, but few sales? That may indicate a poor follow-up effort by exhibitors, rather than any shortcoming on the part of the event.

Electronic lead retrieval delivers enormous benefits to the event industry’s key stakeholders. We are in an information age and lead retrieval is all about information and the sharing of information. One cautionary note: Like everything involving the accumulation and dissemination of data, electronic lead retrieval is an evolving technology. Expect and demand more benefits from it with each passing year.

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