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Lead Retrieval is an Event Organizer's Best Friend

The evidence that lead retrieval is a powerful tool can best be illustrated by the end-product, the reports generated by the lead retrieval system used. An effective report will enable the event organizer to monitor multiple aspects of attendees’ event activity. Event planners can uncover what really matters to attendees and deliver more ROI.

The organizer should be able to view attendee activity aggregates that include such headings as job title, location by state or ZIP code and level of decision-making authority.

The reports should provide insight into the link between exhibits visited, educational sessions offered and sponsored events attended. It is useful to have real time analysis of session participation. Session tracking technology enables organizers to view not just how many people are attending a seminar, but to see precisely who they are – as it happens.

Ideally, these reports should be available to show organizers in real-time. Rank exhibitors based on booth traffic

Organizers can get an accurate picture of show floor activity with real-time information showing attendee traffic by minute, hour and day. Traffic flow reports allow event organizers to see what times the show floor is the busiest. If the organizer sees that there is very little traffic in a particular aisle on the show floor, a walk-through to determine the cause may be in order.

Lead retrieval allows organizers to create more value for exhibitors. After the event, exhibitors can access reporting about the attendee interactions. All exhibitor leads sync their personalized online dashboard. Exhibitors can segment and distribute leads immediately and customize their follow-up using specified demographics and qualifier criteria. This makes for simple, organized follow-up.

When the organizer begins marketing a future event, the reports generated at previous events will serve as a testimonial. Rank exhibitors based on booth traffic to know which booths had the most traffic. Sort through all of the attendee data, including which booths were visited, to gather statistics that enables you to better target/market to attendees. The organizer can show prospective exhibitors and sponsors empirical evidence to support its claims that exhibiting and sponsoring are excellent investments.

Clearly, it is beneficial to be able to show a prospective sponsor the audience that a reception or other social event has drawn in the past. Numbers alone are insufficient to tell the story. A prospective sponsor will want to know the audience demographics, which lead retrieval provides. Additionally, offering lead retrieval to exhibitors generates event revenue, requires no Wi-Fi, and there are no minimums or costs to the event organizer.

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