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For many of us, exhibiting at a trade show is part and parcel of our jobs. This can range from a supplier who goes to one event a year to the road warriors who may exhibit at as many as fifty shows a year. As such, you should take advantage of lead retrieval technology to help you be an efficient exhibitor.

So how does lead retrieval make you a more efficient exhibitor?

Most exhibitors attend trade shows, in large part, to collect leads to sell a product or service. You can always choose to collect business cards or take notes. But there are some major drawbacks with both. Many people no longer carry business cards. And business cards offer contact info only. Any additional info will invariably be written on the back of the business card. Which brings me to taking notes. Unless you are one of the rare few who know shorthand, taking notes will be limited to a few words hastily scribbled on a business card or a legal pad. In either case, you are looking at spending hours at transcribing the business cards or notes into your CRM of choice. Any decent lead retrieval device or app will allow you to seamlessly upload the attendee data into your CRM saving you hours of tedious work. A lead retrieval device or app will allow you to quickly capture leads and then further qualify the lead with survey questions and custom qualifiers.

Lead retrieval app or device?

I recommend a lead retrieval app over a lead retrieval device (where you have a choice). Lead retrieval apps are the natural evolution of lead retrieval. Rather than use a device that you might get a chance to use once a year, if that, you download the app to your smartphone, a device that you are probably intimately familiar with. Using an app also has several other advantages: Most lead retrieval apps will allow you to customize the survey questions and qualifiers at any point. This allows you to customize the questions you ask attendees which can make the information you receive much more useful in following up with the leads you meet. And you take your phone everywhere you go, so it allows you to collect leads wherever you are  during the trade show, whether it’s at an event, on an elevator or at breakfast. The app travels with you.

Using qualifier and survey questions

Let’s return to the qualifiers and survey questions again. Plan the questions out before the show and customize the questions and qualifiers. Use the survey questions and custom qualifiers to keep your interaction with the attendee focused and on point. These questions should help you determine what their needs are, what their budget is, what their time frame is and other relevant issues specific to your product/service. Proper use of these questions allows you to create a proposal specific to their needs or helps you follow up with specific advice.

And make sure to follow up! Studies show that about 80% of exhibitors don’t follow up on their leads.

Click here if you would like to take a test drive of Bartizan's lead retrieval app, iLeads.  iLeads is the original and most widely used lead retrieval app on the market.

Chris Eisenberg

Chris Eisenberg is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Bartizan Connects.



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