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Business cards are so 1950's, right? We all know using a lead capture systems is proven to close more deals faster, yet some exhibitors remain unconvinced. The new, cloud based lead systems work on your smartphone and incorporate email and contact management software post show. So we've come up with a short list of pros and cons of lead capture systems. Let us know what you think.


Electronic Lead Retrieval 


  • Eliminates manual computer input
  • Accurate, no transcription errors
  • Easy to add qualifiers and notes
  • Leads backed up in cloud-no lost leads
  • No illegible leads
  • Builds a database
  • Saves time and money, offsetting upfront cost
  • Exportable to CRM
  • Easy to email follow-up
  • Leads easily distributed and shared electronically


  • Up-front cost is higher than using business cards
  • Badge must be present for input
  • Some systems require user training
  • Some systems are suitable for use only on the show floor


Business Cards


  • Low up-front cost
  • No training required
  • Highly portable
  • Badges unnecessary, allowing use at all events


  •  Notes often illegible
  • Qualifiers free-form, not standardized
  • Limited space for notes
  • Requires computer input
  • Easily lost, no automatic backup
  • Some attendees may not have cards
  • Lead data cannot be shared in real-time

Business cards are not good enough. Not if you drop them, or lose them or never input the info into your CRM. Additionally, lead retrieval captures attendees full registration data – this is much more info than what is on a business card. It includes purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size as well as other useful data. Seriously, we are in a digital age – manage your leads in a quick, digital way. Now, with real time data transfer for lead retrieval – salespeople back at the office can follow up on leads while you’re still at the show.


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