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December 31, 1969

How do I know if all of my leads have been uploaded?

Press the “Events” button on the upper left of the screen. Find your event name and tap on the blue arrow next to the event name. To insure that all of your leads have successfully been uploaded to...

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Where can I see my lead counts?

You can see how many leads you have collected by performing the following steps:

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How do I retrieve login credentials for my organization’s LeadsLightning account?

On your device, tap “Help”. Use the username and password provided on this screen to access your online account. Or, if you have ordered more than one license, use the user name and password you...

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Can I download my leads or do I have to work with them in LeadsLightning?

You can download your leads in a CSV, Excel, Word or PDF file format. All lead data can be easily uploaded into your CRM system.

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Where does the lead data go?

All leads are immediately uploaded to Bartizan’s secure password protected website, LeadsLightning, for tracking booth activity during the event. Included in the exhibitor’s event license is access...

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How does LeadsLightning work?

The LeadsLightning portal is used for simple and fast data download, tracking, management and reporting. Once logged in, click on “Download Leads” to download your data in a CSV file format. You can...

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Does LeadsLightning allow download in Excel format or only csv format?

The download is in CSV but it will open in Excel, it can also be imported into Excel and many other software packages.

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What is LeadsLightning?

LeadsLightning is Bartizan’s secure password protected website that contains all of the lead information you gathered at your event. LeadsLightning is free, cloud-based software to retrieve data...

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Where can I find my leads?

Leads are uploaded to a Bartizan’s secure web portal, LeadsLightningSM, for tracking activity. Your event license includes access to the LeadsLightningSM portal. You can access and manage your leads...

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