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December 31, 1969

How do I check if the event has Wi-Fi?

To successfully upload your leads to the LeadsLightingSM online portal, you must establish an Internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular. This can be done before, during or after a show. In order to...

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Do you know where there are free Wi-Fi hotspots?

We love: http://www.wififreespot.com/ it’s an index of where to find free Wi-Fi hotspots.

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I see my leads on LeadsLightning but cannot see my custom questions/answers. Where are they?

You need to click on preferences and select all of the items you need to see. For most exhibitors, all you need to check will be Follow-ups and Surveys. Then, click on reports and select LEAD DETAIL....

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How do we receive the leads after the show?

At the show, leads are uploaded to Bartizan’s secure web portal, LeadsLightningSM, for tracking activity. You can download and sort leads from this site. A live Internet connection via Wi-Fi or...

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Is the data transferred in real time?

Yes, if your device is connected to a live Internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular. If no Internet access is available on the show floor, the app will store your leads until the device does get an...

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We have 3 sales reps. how is it tracked which person scanned the lead? Is it based on their phone? Or are there presets that we set up to assign name?

Each of your sales reps would be provided with the same license code to setup iLeads on their devices. Once set up, each sales rep is provided with their own account to the LeadsLightningSM portal to...

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Will we only be able to use it on one device? Ex. We will have 4/5 reps, can they each have their iPad® / iPhone® and collect leads or can we only use it on one device with our purchase?

For multiple devices, you will also need to purchase multiple licenses, but the fees for both primary and additional licenses are typically much lower than standard lead retrieval equipment.

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What if no name appears on the screen after I capture the lead?

If no name appears, that simply indicates a late registrant. Add qualifiers and notes as usual. Contact info will appear later automatically when the data becomes available.

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When do I receive the event code?

The event code is sent via email once we have the registration database from show management. This is typically 4 to 5 days prior to the start of the event.

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