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December 31, 1969

How do I setup iLeads for my booth?

First download the free iLeads app onto your device. Here is a listing of the available app download links. Once an event code is obtained from your lead retrieval provider, enter the event code,...

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When can I create custom qualifiers and or survey questions?

You can add your custom qualifiers and survey questions/answers once you have received your access code and setup the event on your device. Exhibitors can customize qualifiers right on the device or...

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Can I customize my qualifiers and survey question online?

Yes, first login to LeadsLightning.com and click the “Customize” menu at the top of the page. There, you will be able to customize qualifiers and push the qualifiers to you device. Exhibitors who...

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How do I customize qualifiers and surveys on the phone?

Press the “Events” button on the upper left of the screen. Find your event name and tap on the blue arrow next to the event name. Scroll down and you’re presented with options to add and edit Follow...

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How do I collect a lead?

Collecting leads is easy. Tap “new lead”. Enter a badge ID or scan the barcode, if available, on an attendee’s badge. From here, it is easy to add qualifiers, survey responses and notes. Tap done to...

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How do I edit or delete a lead?

Tap on the lead, and then tap on edit. From here, you can edit your note; follow up actions or the survey. When you have finished making your changes, simply tap done to save your changes. To delete...

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Can I view stats on the leads on my device?

Yes, to manage an event, tap on the blue arrow next to the event name. From here, you can view important statistics.

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Do I need to be connected to the web to collect leads? Do I need wifi?

A live Internet connection is not necessary during the show to use iLeads. If an Internet connection is unavailable, all collected data will be updated automatically when the device is running iLeads...

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How do I know if all of my leads have been uploaded?

Press the “Events” button on the upper left of the screen. Find your event name and tap on the blue arrow next to the event name. To insure that all of your leads have successfully been uploaded to...

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What about people that register on site?

At times after entering a new lead, you may notice that prospect’s information is missing. This occurs if that particular attendee registered onsite. However, there’s no need to worry. As soon as the...

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