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December 31, 1969

Why offer lead retrieval at my show?

We are in an information age and lead retrieval is all about information and the sharing of information. It's more important than ever to capture every solid lead to gain competitive advantage....

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Will offering lead retrieval be expensive to the exhibitors at my show?

iLeads saves money for exhibitors, typically costing about 30 – 50 percent less than most lead retrieval solutions.

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Do you have any customer testimonials?

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What does it cost to offer iLeads to my exhibitors? What does iLeads cost?

It costs show organizers nothing to implement at their shows. Show organizers set fees for the access code for exhibitor's devices.

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Is it hard to implement iLeads at my show?

It's so easy to offer your exhibitors iLeads! iLeads only requires a unique registration ID (all numeric or alpha characters) to be assigned to each attendee. This unique registration ID is then...

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Why are there registration IDs on the badges and a barcode?

A registration ID should be printed, as well as a barcode. If for some reason a particular badge does not scan readily, or an exhibitor does not own a device with a compatible camera, the exhibitor...

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Have you seen iLeads used for session attendance tracking?

iLeads is not designed to be used for session tracking. Instead, we recommend a 1D barcode encoded with the same ID as used for iLeads. These barcodes can be read by our Expo! Leads2Go© devices which...

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Is the show organizer responsible for returning rental iPods® or iPads® to Bartizan after the conference?

No, it is the exhibitor's responsibility to return the rented item back to Bartizan after the conference. A pre-paid FedEx envelope is included with each rental to facilitate easy shipping back to...

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Do you have an iLeads guarantee to show management?

Yes, here's the iLeads guarantee:

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Is a technician needed on site for iLeads?

No, a technician is not needed on site, as most exhibitors will be using their own devices which they are already familiar with. Bartizan will provide a phone support to the show organizer and all...

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