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How do you install iLeads on the rental iPods and iPads?

By Joanna Stasuk December 22, 2014 Event Organizer

As far as installation, all is needed to do is search the app store for iLeads and download it. Once downloaded there is not much else to do; The app will need to be updated through the app store as each new release hits the App store. We have one login for the iTunes store. Each iPod we own signs into the App store using that login. If the management tool will be used to backup one device and use that back up to restore the rest of the devices, once the app is downloaded from the app store, a back up should be done before running the app.

Exhibitors who rent an iPod or iPad will already have iLeads running - they do not need to download and setup iLeads again. Rentals will already be set up with access codes.


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