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Improving Lead Retrieval Following a Trade Show

By Staff Report September 24, 2013 Trade Show Tips

Exhibitors gain a lot of exposure for their brand and products at trade shows. Unfortunately, many sales teams fail to properly convert new leads into successful long-term relationships.

Trade Show Advisor stated that businesses need to develop lead retrieval strategies that complement their sales presence at trade shows. These comprehensive plans prevent important connections from falling to the wayside and can contribute to additional revenue and brand loyalty.

The source noted that it can be difficult for firms to continue the meaningful conversations developed at trade shows, but considering follow-up activities during the planning process can help create a smoother transition. Companies should avoid sending the same information that was presented during an industry event in a follow-up email. Potential clients need more information to make their decisions and sending the same marketing collateral will not help them.

Sales strategies should send a message of service and commitment, so personalizing communications can improve responses. This can be made easier by implementing a lead retrieval system, such as badge scanners, during trade show attendance. These devices help firms capture information from attendees and can even be used to develop a scoring system to ensure quality leads are followed up on first.

Unfortunately, many firms consider lead retrieval systems to be secondary to their displays or sales pitches, according to Trade Show News Network. The source noted that firms often ignore the various features and benefits of lead retrieval systems, such as their ability to capture information across multiple channels or its usability, when selecting their platforms. If a system is difficult to use or is not appropriate for the scale of an event, it will not be utilized properly.

By planning lead capture strategies during the development of the trade show exhibit, businesses can create a comprehensive plan for moving potential customers down the sales path. The more thought and preparation that is  placed into lead retrieval, the greater return companies will get from trade show exhibits.

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