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iLeads, Smartphone Lead Retrieval App Offers Exhibitors Powerful Networking Tool at 2011 Mobile Health Expo

The 2011 Mobile Health Expo has announced the selection of Bartizan Connects’ first-of-its-kind iLeads App as its lead retrieval system offered to all exhibitors. iLeads is a lead retrieval software application created specifically for smartphones.

Bartizan Connects is the market leader for lead retrieval systems and will offer iLeads to exhibitors at the 2011 Mobile Health Expo. iLeads is easier to use than most traditional lead retrieval equipment, offers exhibitors portability and instant access to leads.

To capture an attendee’s data, exhibitors enter the attendee’s badge number– and the record is quickly and easily captured. This data is uploaded to LeadsLightning.com and into the exhibitor’s secure account. If exhibitors do not own a Smartphone or iPad, they can rent an iPod touch or an iPad with the iLeads software already installed.

All 2011 Mobile Health Expo attendees will also benefit because they get free online access to the valuable list of the exhibitors who scanned them during the show by going to Bartizan’s My Tradeshow Connections.

The 2011 Mobile Health Expo will be held at the Javits Center in New York, NY and take place June 21-23, 2011.

“iLeads is the industry’s first lead retrieval app, and it’s a new and better way to serve our customers,” said Chris Eisenberg, vice president, Bartizan Connects. “iLeads is super easy to use – we expect it to become the trade show standard.”

To download iLead App exhibitors may go to the Apple App Store within iTunes and search for 'iLeads' or to the Android Market and search for 'iLeads'.

Mobile Health Expo Exhibitors can order iLeads here

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