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iLeads Kiosk Mode: THE Solution for Busy Exhibitors

By Chris Eisenberg January 14, 2020 iLeads App, kiosk mode

We’ve all seen it at trade shows. A booth that is too busy to accommodate all the attendees who want to learn more about the exhibitor’s product or services. While having a lot of attendees at an exhibitor’s booth is always a good thing, the inability to meet with all the attendees at a booth is frustrating for the exhibitors, the waiting attendees and show management.iLA Kiosk Mode Transparent for SF

iLeads KIOSK MODE is the answer to everyone’s problems. iLeads KIOSK MODE builds on Bartizan’s highly rated iLeads lead retrieval app by adding self-service functionality to the app. How does this work? The iLeads app is loaded onto an iPad, iPad mini or an Android tablet. The device is then placed in a desktop stand or floor stand and positioned in the most accessible spot for attendees. An exhibitor or show management can customize survey questions and/or qualifiers to allow an attendee to answer any pertinent questions about their interest in the exhibitor’s product or services after scanning their badge.

Once iLeads KIOSK MODE is set up, an attendee can just stop by the iLeads kiosk, quickly scan their badge and answer any of the survey question or qualifiers. The attendee can also enter free form notes to further qualify their interest if they choose.

So, if an exhibitor is busy talking to an attendee, they no longer need to race through their pitch trying to make time for a waiting attendee. The attendee can take advantage of the iLeads Kiosk! If an attendee doesn’t feel like talking to anyone? No problem! Just use the iLeads kiosk! In fact, if there is any reason the exhibitor is not available, whether at a large booth overwhelmed by traffic, or a standard booth, if the exhibitor needs to leave the booth for any reason, it’s the iLeads kiosk to the rescue.

Attendees will love it because they don’t have to stand around waiting for an exhibitor to finish talking to another attendee. Exhibitors will love it because it allows them to collect more leads. And show management will love it because it allows them to offer an additional lead capture tool to their exhibitors and help their exhibitors increase their ROI.

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